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Our children attended Bacchus Marsh Montessori Preschool (BMMC) for two and three-quarter years. Prior to attending this Preschool, they went to Montessori in Wellington, NZ and in Canberra. Whilst the children were at BMMC, we travelled Point Cook to Bacchus Marsh, 3 days per week and at one stage 4 days per week for them to attend the Preschool; that is a 45 minute trip one way. This travel was heavily compensated by the Montessori environment. It gave our children a sense of peace, calmness and an overall want for more learning. We had two major residential moves within a short period. The great thing was that Montessori provided our oldest child a sense of continuity and familiarity in all the change that was surrounding him at that time. The respect our children have for others is one of many strong core values Montessori has assisted our children in developing. They are a great joy to watch as they independently and cooperatively work with others. We are so comforted knowing that we have given our children Montessori foundations to begin their life education. All of the staff at BMMC are extremely focused on implementing the Montessori method and we never doubted the care and education our children were receiving. Thank you one and all. Cheers, Catherine Lonergan and Brendon Roberts (2011)
Dear Teachers & Parent Helpers at BM Montessori, Thank you for all your hard work here which has made Josephine's and our time here so enjoyable. She's had a wonderful couple of years and learnt so much. We know Montessori has made a big difference for Josephine and sing its praises for all to hear. We really value our Montessori experience! Many thanks, Robert & Juanita Tazzyman (2011)
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Our daughter has been attending Bacchus Marsh Montessori since 2012, initially as part of the early learners group and now the toddler group. Her social growth since attending the school has been phenomenal and she has mastered a magnitude of practical life skills with guidance from her caring teacher Jenny. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the highlights of her week and she thoroughly enjoys both the classroom and playground activities, always coming home with a sweet story to tell. She adores the teachers and classmates and as a result has learned how to built strong relationships with both peers and other adults in the community. We strongly recommend Bacchus Marsh Montessori to all parents interested in the safe and professional development of their children's education. Regards, Kim & Liani Liebenberg (2013)
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