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Download the Bacchus Marsh Montessori Preschool application form and post/email or deliver it to the preschool, Or alternatively ring the preschool on 5367 7706 and an information pack will be sent to you containing the application form.
The preschool enrolment coordinator will be in contact with you shortly after receiving the application form. You will be informed if your child will be placed on a waiting list or a suitable time for an appointment with the relevant teacher will be arranged. Selection Criteria If there is a waiting list for any of the programs the following selection criteria will apply: In order of priority 1. Children with siblings who are currently enrolled or have completed a year at the preschool. 2. Children who have previously attended a Montessori class. 3. Date of application. 4. Commitment to 2 – 3 year preschool program. Conditions of Acceptance 1. Parents must attend an interview arranged by the relevant teacher before the child begins. 2. Following the interview, the teacher may advise a deferred start. In this case, a place will be held without imposition of fees until the teacher advises the child should start. 3. It is desirable for children to be toilet trained when they enter the preschool program. 4. The preschool reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place to any child considered unsuitable at this stage. 5. The preschool reserves the right to exclude any child from the preschool at any time (A discussion between teacher and Uniting Vic Tas Ltd. Early Childhood Co-ordinator would be held. All rights to privacy will be maintained.
How to apply to the Bacchus Marsh Montessori Preschool
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